Is it a bad idea to visit Iceland in the winter?

It’s officially winter now on this side of the globe. In Europe we have moved the clock. In Iceland, the clock has stayed out, but the weather is starting to get tricky in some areas of the country.

Time to relax and stay inside

To survive the winter where you are… Or…?

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Iceland by the seasons: and why you need a travel planner for each

A season-by-season guide to planning an Iceland trip

Iceland may be a small country with only 330,000 residents. But the combination of high tourist numbers and a difficult-to-navigate language makes local knowledge a valuable resource for a visitor who wants to get maximum value from their Iceland experience. In a country with turbulent, ever-changing weather, and extreme seasonality of sunlight, Iceland becomes several ‘different’ destinations as the year unfolds. Each of which requires very different travel planning strategies. Read More

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights dance?

Do you want to see the northern lights while staying in Iceland? For that you will need a bunch of luck and also a good forecast. The northern lights can vary a great deal. Sometimes they are barely noticeable, looking like a faint green veil on the sky. Other times they shine breathtakingly bright and dance across the sky in various shades of green, yellow and pink.

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Why September is a good month to visit Iceland – Sunsets

You can enjoy unbelievable sunsets in amazing locations

Some of my most wonderful memories include beautiful sunsets all around the world. The one I saw on the Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro will never be forgotten. The one I saw in Lissabon some years ago on the last day of the year was also unforgettable. In Iceland I have seen some magical ones and last year I remember the one I saw at a beautiful place near to the airport where the open ocean was in front of me on one side and my favorite glacier Snæfellsjokull on the other. Truly a magical moment. Sunsets in Iceland are as different as the areas you visit, depends on location, light and I guess your state of mind.

Come to Iceland in September to experience  sunrises, sunsets, northern lights, people and wonderful food and drink. I guarantee you will keep Iceland in your heart forever.

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Iceland – Geothermal water and Northern lights

It is soon time. The time of the Northern Lights in the North is arriving again. The best time to witness this beautiful and extraordinary event in Iceland is between last September until March.
To be honest, I didn´t notice any Northern Lights when I was a kid. I guess when they are always there you kind of get used to it, it gets integrated in you, and I wasn´t very tall so I didn´t look that far up actually.
I remember seeing them or realizing them for the first time, sitting in a warm Jacuzzi in a summerhouse on the countryside in Iceland. It was in January, my face was freezing cold and I saw this amazing sight in the sky for hours. Unforgettable. Still get goose bumps when thinking about it.
I have, in the past 13 years, since I moved abroad, woken my family and friends up in the middle of the night, when travelling in Iceland, to see the Northern Lights in our pajamas.
In some hotels in Iceland, guests are woken up at night if there is a Northern light show going on. This is a natural phenomenon so you cannot just switch them on and off. That´s the good part for all the control freaks of this world to get us all earth connected.  It is truly an unforgettable experience and powerful.
In recent years people all over the world have chosen Iceland to experience the Northern Lights. Of course you have The Northern lights in other Northern countries, but what makes it unique in Iceland is the geothermal water and the warm pools around everywhere.  The combination of the two is worth a trip to Iceland in it self. That makes this experience authentic and truly unforgettable.
For further information on how to get to a warm pool and see the Northern Lights, please contact Iceland by helgastina and  you have a possibility of an authentic and personal trip to Iceland, meeting the Icelanders and exploring hidden gems.
Photo by Grétar Már Axelsson


The beautiful thing about Iceland is that no two days are the same. And that’s because the weather can be so changeable. Iceland isn’t a country where people should wander about on their own, unless they are prepared for the weather. Some parts are so uninhabitable that I always recommend that my clients are accompanied by an experienced guide. After all, the wildest places are always the most spectacular, but also the most unpredictable.

So when is the perfect time to go?

Winter can be a very pretty time to visit, but it does get colder then. Avoid December to February if you don’t like ice and cold winds. Although it never goes below minus 15°C. For those who love photography and breathtaking views, just pack your thermals and get ready for sights that you’ll never forget!

Iceland seasons

Amazing sights and sites

When people think of Iceland, they often think of the Northern Lights, which appear from September until the end of March.

If you love taking photos and long days outside, then avoid November through to January. These are seriously dark days with just a few hours of sunlight a day. Because of Iceland is the land of ice and fire – on the flip side, the ‘bright nights’ are from April to September. with June and July giving you the chance to see the midnight sun. Yes, this sounds ideal but it also means that it’s difficult to sleep, so bear that in mind. By August, the nights begin to darken.

Whale watching and nature tours

For those interested in whale watching, contrary to popular belief this can be done all year round. From Spring to Autumn is best! I work with the country’s best boat guides and nature experts, ensuring that you will see some truly unforgettable animals.

Iceland travel planner

The best thing about having your own Iceland travel planner is that I advise on all the things that are vital for making your trip not only exciting but safe and comfortable. Driving conditions, security and clothing – you’d be surprised how many women I’ve known to climb a volcano in high heels!

Northern lights Reykjavík

Beyond the tourist places

I also ensure that my clients keep away from the touristy places, while still being aware of the most popular places. So you are free to pick and choose as you wish. Most importantly: I am in constant personal contact with all my colleagues and partners in Iceland. This ensures you get the very best in quality and personal service.

Every season has its charm

All in all, there’s no bad time to go to Iceland. Simply make sure you consider the time of year when we talk about the activities you’d like to do there, and the things you would like to experience.

You can read more in my blog about the seasons in Iceland and why you could use a travel planner for each.

If you have any further questions, just fill in the contact form and I’ll be in touch.