NASA and The Lunar Landscape of Iceland

Not many of you know that the astronauts who landed on the moon in 1969 – Neil Armstrong for example – actually practiced in Iceland for their lunar journey.

Why did NASA choose Iceland as a practice location for this big event in the history of discovery?

One of the reasons was that the landscape in Iceland is in many places similar to the lunar landscape. If you travel over the Highlands of Iceland, you will understand what I mean. Volcanic rocks, sand, stones and silence in directions far beyond what the eye can see.

It is truly extraordinary to be in the Highlands, experiencing the space and the peace surrounding you, imagining that you are alone in the world. The astronauts who went to the moon were alone on the moon. Iceland was where they got used to that idea.

Another reason is that at the time, The US had a military base in Keflavik, Iceland. That made the approach and the security aspects easier as well. The area around the NATO base (now the main International Airport for Reykjavik and the nation) is similarly extraordinary because of its lava formations and geothermal beauty.

Now, you too have a chance to step in the footsteps of the famous Apollo astronauts by going on a trip with Iceland Unwrapped. On the trip you will explore the landscapes, history and geology of the practice areas of the moon walkers in Iceland and other Icelandic highlights like the spectacular but little-known Reykjanes peninsula near Keflavik.

Working as the exclusive partner of The Exploration Museum in the North of Iceland for lunar heritage visits, I look forward to exploring and remembering the 50th anniversary of this amazing achievement with you in September of 2019.

Greetings – Helga Stina founder and owner of Iceland Unwrapped 

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