Moontrip ’19

So, you think you can’t make it to the moon?

Did you know…that the astronauts that went to the moon 50 years ago went to Iceland first to practice.

That’s not so surprising, when you consider a landscape like the one in the Highlands of Iceland. With the open space and rough landscape, you get the feeling of being on the Moon and can understand why this place was ideal for practicing moon walks.

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“We took one of our best field trips to Iceland. If you want to go to a place on earth that looks like the Moon, central Iceland should be high on your list…”
-Dr. Elbert A. King, Apollo Program Geologist

In this photo, astronaut Dave Scott points out a geologic feature to astronaut Gene Cernan and geologist Elbert A. King on the rim of the Askja Caldera in North Iceland.

Moon-walking has never been easier

Now, with Iceland Unwrapped, you have the opportunity to join us and our partners at the Exploration Museum in Husavik, on a magical trip to Iceland to walk in the Astronauts’ footsteps- on the very rocks and landscapes where they prepared for the Apollo missions.

Included in the trip are:

  • Excursions on monster Jeeps through the Icelandic Highlands with knowledgeable local guides
  • Visits to the areas where the astronauts practiced
  • Geological insights from experts
  • You will try on a spacesuit.
  • Other excursions cover scenic locations near the Icelandic coast
  • Opportunities for geothermal bathing and swimming are also available.
  • All accommodations and food are included during the trip.

MoonTrip dates

June to September

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