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A personal adventure for those who want to experience Iceland through and with the assistance of the Icelanders.




“All my friends and neighbors want to go to Iceland now. Helgastina helped Martha and I plan our trip at the end of the summer, listening very carefully to what we like to do and would want to experience. We explored a cave, drank coffee in a tiny cafe on the beach, walked the grassy rocky path leading to a Lighthouse, with below us steep cliffs and nesting birds. I highly recommend you work with Helgastina  for your visit to Iceland. She will make sure it is the vacation you want.”
Lin McDevitt-Pugh
Netsheila –

“Keep doing what you are doing! You have an amazing job in amazing country!”

Viktória Speelman –  Spil Games – The Netherlands


“We went to Iceland earlier this year – many thanks to Helgastina!
The trip was so magical that we are considering spending this Christmas there.”

Lise Mehrling – Copenhagen


“One of my favorite vacations was to Iceland with Helgastina as guide. We experienced many interesting things. – Tasted traditional and rather weird food, visited enormous waterfalls, the geothermal lagoon, geysers and one day we even went looking for Icelandic elves. Even though we didn’t find any elves I’ll still recommend it to everyone who loves adventure and beautiful nature.”

Rasmus Thue Jørgensen – Copenhagen



It is easy. If you have a dream to go to Iceland contact me and I will help with planning. Iceland is a big country and there is a lot of options. Depending on the length of your stay, I can be of assistance with planning everything from day trips to longer trips. I can provide with personal guides, secret trips and interesting adventure all around Iceland.


A personal approach in planning a trip to Iceland and experiencing Iceland through the Icelanders.
Secret places and tailor made guided tours. Your wishes and points of interests, with a dash of experience and ideas from me, will make your trip to Iceland unforgettable.

My experience of Iceland, and my extensive network of contacts in various niches and corners of the Icelandic travel scene have prepared me well to help those seeking unique adventures and an interesting range of sights, sounds and local specialties.

Please contact me if you would like to visit Iceland with a personal touch and you need a personal travel planner. Amazing experience, including meeting the Icelandic people, going on secret adventures and visiting hidden gems. You can fill out this survey to start with and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible.



Depending on your needs and duration of your trip, I will provide reasonable prices, either for a full schedule trip or for Dining with the Icelanders and Special Guided tours.

A Personal Travel Plan

A complete trip where helgastina travel planner helps with the planning of your whole trip from day to day. This can include assistance with finding air fares,  checking accommodation, renting cars, personal trips, dining with the Icelanders, hidden gems and a complete list of activities, restaurants, cafés and such.

This is an adventure where we play with the possibilities for accommodations and activities a bit and then I organize and book them for you and send a detailed itinerary. You will can get discounts on accommodation, activities, “Dining with the Icelanders” and expert local guide services.

If you have any other ideas I will of course be of assistance if possible.

Please contact helgastina for a tailor made offer for you or your company.

Your adventure is out there waiting to happen.

The price can vary depending on the size of your group. 

Please contact me for further details and prices and we will find a solution designed to your  needs and wishes. You can also fill out the form below.

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