If you think visiting Iceland is all glaciers, mountains and Northern Lights then think again! There is so much more to this unique and magical country than meets the eye, which is why I love showing visitors just how much they can get out of their stay in Iceland.

The reason why I called my company ‘Iceland Unwrapped’ is because that is exactly what I do. Visiting Iceland is a gift no one will forget, but most people only see a small part of it…yet through my exclusive excursions I reveal the best this wonderful country has to offer bit by bit.

And the best part? Every trip is tailor-made to your specifications.

So what exciting and authentic treats do I have in store for my clients?

Connecting to a network of professionals in Iceland. If you are a company or an institution and you would like to get insights from the Icelanders and from Icelandic society, please contact us for more information on what is possible. 

Tour for professionals in various fields. Iceland Unwrapped has planned trips for professionals in various fields. Iceland has a lot to offer for professionals that would like to be inspired by other professionals and by the nature and culture of Iceland. Have a look at this option of the possibility of connecting and being inspired in Iceland. Have in mind that because Iceland is located almost half way between Europe and North America you can have your team meet in the middle.

Moontrip – A possibility of stepping in the footsteps of the Astronauts that went to the moon 50 years ago.

Wool Iceland – Knitting in Iceland and getting into the world of wool in Iceland

Dining with the Icelanders  – the very best food, hosts and produce the country has to offer.

Geothermal Health clinic – read all about how our healing spas and lagoons can revitalize you and heal.

Female-empowerment trips – we connect successful women with the locals and teach you about Iceland’s fascinating history and how women have emerged as a driving force behind the country that you see today. This is a trip that both women and men should do as gender equality can never be reached without the participation of all humans.

Iceland for families – Did you know we offer walks in nature where your little ones can discover elves in Hafnarfjordur? Not to mention some amazing days out, museums and family friendly outdoor pursuits.

Nature photography – Join our local experts and learn how to capture the magic of the country.

Fishing, sailing and diving – you can’t escape the sea when you come to Iceland, and the surrounding oceans produce some of the freshest fish you will taste.


Animal and whale watching – year round Iceland has some spectacular sights.

Hiking, biking and extreme sports – from horse riding and biking to adventures in the wild windswept wilderness.

Iceland and the arts – meet local authors and artists and learn about how the amazing history and culture of the country has influenced their work. You might even be invited for a private concert in a musicians house.

Glamping and eco-travel – immerse yourself in the beautiful countryside the responsible way.

And this is just the tip of the Icelandic iceberg!

If you a specific themed trip you would like to make alone, as a family, or with a group of people, please get in touch and my team and I will help you plan your dream Icelandic escape or work related dream trip.  We also cater for special needs and very specific requests….so no request is too big or unique.