Special trips – Women and Iceland

Are you a business woman – an entrepreneur – interested in empowering women or getting inspired?

Are you involved in activities involving cooperation of women either in your work place or personally?

Are you interested to get an insight into the world of women in Iceland and their remarkable success in closing the gender gap?

Iceland by Helgastina is proud to present the Women Change-Makers trips to Iceland – connecting women from around the world.

Make lasting connections with Icelandic women. See what tourists miss, meet amazing local women, experience the Iceland that Icelanders love!

This is what Iceland by helgastina is offering

From March to October

“Bright nights”

From November to April

“Northern Lights”

For whom?

This trip is meant for women in general.

Leaders, entrepreneurs , women working with gender, empowerment and leadership. Women who like to travel together to be inspired. Women who work together and want to have a powerful group building in an amazing place, Iceland. Groups of women friends who just want to enjoy being together, experiencing beautiful nature, spa´s , wonderful food and meeting women from Iceland on their journey.

The trip is also meant for groups of women who are interested in exploring opportunities, enjoying a time together in a fantastic inspiring location and for group building.

What can you as a group or your company benefit from coming to Iceland to meet power women?

– a possibility of developing exciting projects with other entrepreneurs and women leaders
– a possibility to meet influential leaders both in business and politics in Iceland
– an extended network of Icelandic and International women
– an amazing opportunity to spend time in Iceland for for example group building, to be inspired and to inspire
– memories and network to last a lifetime professionally and personally

– an insight into the Icelandic path to gender equality

Each trip is tailor made for 4 to 20 participants. Fill out the form for more information.

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If you have a bigger group please contact Helgastina for information.



The purpose of this kind of trips could be to connect women with Icelandic women and peers from around the world: to experience Iceland’s history and beauty in a new light, to better understand the Icelandic journey towards gender equality and its broader implications, and build connections that can drive projects and initiatives in the short and long term.

The participants will get an insight into the culture of Iceland and the context in which Icelandic women live, exposure to stunning scenery and cutting edge art and music, combined with both at restaurants managed by women and at the homes of women living in Iceland.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to get to know the Icelandic vibe while connecting with diverse yet like minded women.

Iceland is in a perfect location between Europe and America, with a strong history of women’s rights and a concentration of women in leadership positions throughout society. This trip will bring together international and Icelandic women to share inspiration and to inspire others as the way forward to the world we want to live in. The ultimate aim is to create a possibility for networking and openings for new projects and cooperation across borders. Furthermore a possibility for group building and an experience that will never be forgotten

All trips by Iceland by helgastina are customized and tailored made for individuals and groups.

This could be included in your trip:

  • A visit to the an Icelandic institution or company, focusing on empowering women and men and the Icelandic way to close the gender gap.
  • Accommodation in hotels chosen specially by Helgastina specifically for this event and group of women – In Reykjavík and out on the countryside
  • Culinary experiences with Icelandic women chefs and restaurant owners
  • A special “Dining with Icelanders” experience
  • Meeting powerful local artists and inspirational women and leaders
  • Enjoying the nature and adventure of Iceland’s best: volcanoes, geothermal pools, fresh air, hospitable people and amazing scenery
  • A guide and a driver for all trips if needed

Holidays by Iceland by Helgastina are designed to ensure that you experience powerful places, nature and the impact of the real Iceland. This includes swimming pools and hot springs, and other natural and cultural sights specially chosen for this event.


How did this possibility emerge?

Since I was a young woman, my group of friends have shared stories of our fore mothers in Iceland, we have talked about great women heroes of ours… such as the first woman president of the Republic of Iceland, Vigdis Finnbogadottir, Audur Laxness, the wife of our Nobel prize winner, women settlers and Viking women who went through tough situations, took risks, and found a way to survive powerfully in making the world more tolerable to those around them.

We have made these kind of trips a possibility to honor these women, visited their birthplaces and sites of importance to them and explored the special places of Iceland. Now I want to go even further and to connect women from around the world with Icelandic women on a Women’s trip to Iceland. Here are more information about the background