Hi, I’m Helga Kristin Fridjonsdottir…

I’m the founder of Iceland Unwrapped. As a native Icelander and lover of all things travel, my vision when creating my travel planning business to Iceland has always been about connecting people with my homeland. My aim for every one of my customers is to provide a personal, unforgettable and unique experience that will keep Iceland in your heart forever.

Even though I was born in Iceland, I have lived all over the world including Brazil, Austria, Denmark, Portugal and Holland. I began my career in Iceland as a teacher, then went on to study an M.A in Global studies and Project Management from Denmark. I speak fluent Icelandic, English, Danish and Portuguese.

I am currently living in Delft, The Netherlands with my partner Mike and my son Gabriel, and therefore I’m also in the process of learning Dutch.

I have always been very interested in International relations and the history of mankind. My life is about networking, travelling and learning about new cultures and languages. By combining my experiences in project management, leadership, teaching and online marketing, with my enjoyment connecting people and travelling – Iceland Unwrapped became a reality.

There are plenty of ways to visit this majestic country, but to really get to know Iceland and discover its hidden gems you need a personal planner – a local who understands the country and understands her customers.

So what are your interests? What activities, sights and experiences would really make your trip to Iceland go from fun to unforgettable? Get in touch and let’s have a chat…I can’t wait to meet you and show you the very best of my home country!