About – Frida Hjaltested

Frida Hjaltested – Communication and marketing solutions – Marketing consultant

Icelandic roots and living in Denmark for 13 years.

I have always been interested and curious about different cultures and that is why I chose to study international business communication with a focus on intercultural marketing studies.

I wanted to team up with Helga Stina’s project, Iceland by helgastina, because I find her approach, the personal touch, very interesting, planning tailor-made trips for people who want to visit Iceland. By having a local person, with a huge network, planning your trip you get the local experience, you experience real Iceland. I do try to get the authentic experience when I am out travelling, also the touristy things but usually, the local experiences are the ones you remember.

I love Helga Stina’s view on life and the world, she is full of great ideas wanting to make the world a little bit smaller and nicer. That is something I definitely want to contribute to and it gives me an opportunity to work in relations to my other “home”. What I miss the most about Iceland, other than my family and friends, is the nature. The lava rocks are my favourite. I travelled all over Iceland as a kid, now I enjoy introducing the country to my kids.

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